What Causes Basement Flooding?

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Causes for Basement Flooding and What to do if your Basement Floods

Basements are wonderful for many reasons.

For homeowners, finished basements are ideal for family rooms, game rooms, spare bedrooms, or a home office. Homeowners can even convert a basement into an apartment to help pay off their mortgage.

Business owners benefit from basements, too. They’re the perfect place to store everything from old files, tools and equipment, and seasonal decorations.

As great as basements are, they’re also prone to something that’s not so great: flooding.

Why are basements so susceptible to this issue? And what causes basement flooding to happen so frequently?

If you happen to experience a basement flood emergency, contact the flood water removal and water damage restoration specialists at FloodCo USA!

In the meantime, discover some of the most common causes of basement flooding!

Basement Flooding Cause #1: Natural Floods

Perhaps the most common cause of flooded basements is Mother Nature.

From rain and storms to snow and ice, inclement weather has a nasty habit of contributing to flood basements.

Storms and heavy rains lead to rising rivers, ponds and streams which lead to flooding.

Significant snow storms lead to flooding when the snow that accumulates near basement windows and doorways begins to thaw. All of the water from the thawing snow begins to leak through the seams and cracks near the doors and windows.

When downspouts and gutters are blocked by ice, any rain that occurs afterward won’t be able to properly drain and flow away from the house. This results in the water flowing into the home and basement instead.

Basement Flooding Cause #2: Faulty Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are the superheroes of basements everywhere!

Located below the basement floor, a sump pump protects properties from flooding by pumping out any water that collects in its pit. Not only does this pump remove floodwater, it also helps pump out water caused by excessive moisture in the basement.

Like any machine, sump pumps do break down after several years. Unfortunately, this often happens when they’re working hard to protect homes and businesses during storms and emergencies.

When the sump pump stops working, all of the water that is collected in the pit overflows and floods the basement.

Basement Flooding Cause #3: Clogged Drains

As we mentioned above, downspouts and rain gutters blocked by ice can lead to a flooded basement. However, ice isn’t the only thing that causes clogs in these and other property drainage systems.

Dirt and debris like leaves, twigs and weeds collect in drains, downspouts and gutters every season. If they’re not properly cleaned several times throughout the year, they can become clogged. These clogs then cause the water to back up and find its way into the property. Most of the time the basement is the point of entry.

Clogged foundation drainage systems are also a leading cause of basement flooding. Since many of these systems rely on gravity to move water away from the property, its performance is severely compromised when debris and sediment clog its path.

Basement Flooding Cause #4: Sewer Backups

This is perhaps the worst cause and type of basement flooding.

When sanitary sewers become clogged or just can’t keep up with the amounts of water pouring into them, all of that water starts to find its way into homes.

The runoff waters begin to back up in the system and pour out of basement sinks, toilets and various drains.

Not only is this type of basement flood damaging, it’s also incredibly detrimental to the occupants’ health. Home or business owners affected by this type of flooding should evacuate their house as soon as possible due to the unsanitary conditions. We offer professional sewage cleanup services for your time of distress.

Basement Flooding Cause #5: Faulty Appliances

Another common cause of basement flooding is courtesy of an unlikely source: the washing machine.

Whether it’s a faulty part of a clogged or disconnected hose, washing machines can flood basements. And they often do it without warning.

In addition to causing damage to the property, washing machine failure also means that the property owner also has to purchase or repair their appliance.

Basement Flooding Cause #6: Foundation Cracks

This cause of basement flooding typically goes unnoticed until it’s too late.

Cracks and other damage to the foundational walls, allows water to seep into the basement. If not properly repaired, these cracks could not only lead to a wet basement; it may also cause significant and sometimes irreparable damage to the entire property.

What Should You Do If Your Basement Floods? Call FloodCo USA!

Basement flooding happens for a variety of reasons. Some are caused by weather while others are due to malfunctioning machines.

Whatever the cause, it’s important to have your basement pumped out and dried as soon as possible. The longer flood waters linger, the greater the chance of experiencing mold growth or other health-threatening conditions.

At FloodCo USA, we’re not only skilled and proficient at pumping flood waters from basements, we’re also water damage restoration experts.

After the flood waters are removed, our team of highly trained technicians assess the damage. Then they formulate a restoration plan that’s tailored to your basement’s exact needs and conditions.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, our team efficiently and effectively dries out your basement. By using these innovative techniques and tools, they eliminate the need to rip and remove your floors and walls. Instead, they dry and restore your basement to pre-flood conditions.

Whether your basement is flooded due to an overflowing dryer or nature’s elements, our team is ready to help!

Contact FloodCo USA for your basement pump-out and water-damage restoration needs and feel free to check out our service page to read more about out professional water damage, mold, and cleaning services!

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