Reasons To Have Your Tile Professionally Cleaned

Unlock the Power of Professional Tile Cleaning: Discover the Top Reasons to Invest in Expert Services

A two-sided caution wet floor sign placed on tile flooring by Floodco USA technician ahead of cleaning job.

Tiles make quite an impression.

When you walk into a business with a tile floor, it conveys a feeling of professionalism.

Tiled rooms like bathrooms and steam rooms add a sense of calm and relaxation to the atmosphere.

Yet, tiles and the grout that holds them in place are also incredibly difficult to keep clean.

Common tile cleaning products don’t have the power or range to give these surfaces the deep cleaning they require to look great and remove the trapped dirt and bacteria.

So what can you do?

Enlist professional tile cleaning service from FloodCo USA!

We’ll show you how our professional tile cleaning services can help restore your tiled floors, rooms and surfaces and remove damaging dirt and debris.

Improves Appearances and Provides a Deeper Cleaning

If the tiled floors, walls or rooms in your home or business are looking a bit grungy or dull, a professional tile cleaning service can improve their appearance.

Using specialized cleaning equipment, trained technicians are able to give the tiled surfaces a deeper cleaning. Unlike store-bought cleaning supplies, this commercial-grade equipment is able to more effectively dislodge the dirt and grime trapped in the grout that holds the tiles in place.

Not only does it clean the hard to reach spaces between the tiles, these professional services and equipment also remove the dirt, soap scum, streaks, and stains that dull the tile surfaces.

After a thorough professional cleaning, your tiles are revitalized!

Removes Bacteria, Mold and Mildew

Along with being a magnet for dirt and grime, tiled floors, walls and surfaces are also areas that attract mold, mildew and bacteria growth.

From bathrooms that are exposed to high levels of humidity to floors that are trampled with dirt from various surfaces to gyms and fitness centers that are subject to sweat, tiles are prone to breeding harmful mold and bacteria when not properly cleaned.

Retail-brand cleaners only remove the barest amount of these spores and germs. The mold, mildew and bacteria they do not reach continue to grow. When that happens, your household or business is at greater risk of illness caused by these contaminants.

However, professional tile cleaning services penetrate the grout to remove the mold and bacteria that the average tile cleaning products cannot reach. This results in tiled surfaces that are more sterile and safer for your family, staff and customers.

Causes No Damage and Extends Tile Life

Besides not providing effective cleaning solutions and leaving mold and bacteria to linger, many of the tile cleaners available in stores and online can damage tiles and grout.

Some of these products contain chemicals that can stain tiles. Others are too abrasive and can scratch tiles and loosen grout.

Unlike these types of products, the equipment, materials and techniques used by professional tile cleaning services do not damage tiles or grout. Cleaning tiled surfaces with steam and specialized equipment is more gentle on the fragile tile materials and grout. Yet, they’re able to clean the surfaces and in-between spaces better than the average products.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

As we previously mentioned, the dirt, grime, bacteria and mold found on solid tiled surfaces emits a less-than welcoming appearance and can cause illness. Those conditions can also affect your home or business’ indoor air quality.

As people walk over dirty floors or shower in unclean stalls, the contaminants that are trapped in the tile and grout can become airborne. That means that everyone in your household or business could potentially breathe in harmful dirt and spores.

By scheduling regular professional cleanings, you’ll improve your indoor air quality. This keeps your tiled surfaces looking great while keeping your family/staff members or customers safe from exposure to harmful pollutants in the air.

Less Stressful and More Cost Effective

Keeping tiled rooms, floors and surfaces clean and free from mold and bacteria growth takes a lot of time, energy, and expenses. Instead of using traditional cleaning products, you’ll have to frequently rent specialized equipment. Not only is this expensive, it’s also problematic if you do not know how to properly use these tools.

Avoid the worries and save your time and money by contacting a professional tile cleaning service like FloodCO USA!

Our technicians have the skills, knowledge and equipment to efficiently and effectively clean your tile floors, rooms and surfaces.

Using specialized cleaning equipment, materials and techniques, they can rid your tile and grout of dirt, stains, bacteria, mildew and mold. When they’re finished, your tiles will look great and be free of harmful contaminants and pollutants.

Whether you need cleaning services for your home or workplace, FloodCo USA is ready to help you restore your tiles sparkle and shine!

Contact us today to learn more about our personalized tile cleaning services!

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