Flood Repair 

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Summertime is fast approaching and so are the thoughts of all the fun things it brings. It’s the perfect season for you to enjoy a road trip, beach day, cookout, and lots of sunshine. Along with all that sunshine, summertime also brings plenty of thunderstorms and the unwelcome return of hurricane season. Besides the damage caused by a summer storm’s strong winds and downed trees, the threat of flooding is always a major concern for homeowners and businesses. Even if your house or business is not located in an area prone to flooding, it may still be at risk from clogged storm drains and sewers. A flood can certainly put a damper on your summer – but FloodCo’s expert flood repair services won’t let it ruin your year!  

Flood Repair Step #1: Assess the Situation 

If your home or business is flooded, your top priority is to make sure all family members, pets, or employees are safe and out of harm’s way. After you ensure that everyone is safe, you’ll need to determine if your home or business is still safe to occupy by assessing the situation. Besides getting everyone to higher, dryer ground, you should shut off your electricity to prevent the threat of shocks or fires. Look for any obvious structural damage like crumbling walls that could make occupancy or your home or business unsafe. If all seems well, it’s time to contact your insurance provider.  

Flood Repair Step #2: Call Your Insurance Company 

Actually, we’ll backtrack for a moment and mention that not every insurance company offers flood coverage. Many homeowner policies cover water damage caused by things that are actually part of the home or business (burst pipes and faulty plumbing) or inside the home or business (damaged water heater or an overflowing washing machine) but they do not cover water damage caused by elements outside of the residence or workplace. In other words, if the pond near your home or the sewer drain on the corner overflows and floods your property, your insurance may not cover it – and you’ll have to foot the bills. That being said, right now is a good time to confirm that your policy covers damage caused by flooding or to purchase additional flood insurance.  

If your insurer or supplemental policy does cover flood damage, you’ll want to contact them immediately so they can start the claim process. The earlier you can get the claim process started the better – especially if there are multiple homes or businesses affected by the flood in your neighborhood. After you call your insurance rep, it’s time to call the flood repair experts at FloodCo!  

Flood Repair Step #3: Save Instead of Destroy 

When it comes to flood repair for homes or businesses, one of the most common misconceptions is that severe flood damage means that the property is devastated and nothing can be saved. The walls need to be smashed, floors have to be ripped out and pretty much everything needs to be removed and tossed in the dumpster. This rip-and-remove mentality is not only an outdated approach to flood repair, it’s also overly (and in most cases unnecessarily) expensive. FloodCo takes a different approach when it comes to our flood repair services.  

Not wanting homeowners to lose those elements that make a house a home or to inflate repair costs for workplaces, FloodCo uses an innovative, science-based approach to our flood repair services. When our trained technicians arrive on the scene, they don’t immediately start to smash up your property. Instead, they determine the best course of action to dry out the flooded area by analyzing the humidity, temperature, moisture levels, and the square footage of your home or business. Once they’ve developed a plan, they put it into motion using a combination of state-of-the-art drying equipment, air movers, and dehumidifiers. Rather than simply setting up the equipment and leave it unattended for several days, our techs continue to monitor and adjust the various pieces of drying equipment to maximize its effectiveness. By following these flood repair methods, we’re able to save your home or business’ walls and floors without resorting to demolishing them. This saves time, money, and, best of all, memories.  

If a flood damages your home or business this summer, it doesn’t mean all is lost. With FloodCo, our tech will use all of the tools and knowledge at their disposal to save your property without ripping and removing. Contact us today to learn more about our flood repair services. 

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