Tips Until Help Arrives in Case of a Flood in New Jersey

Having an unexpected pipe burst or water damage is enough to make anyone panic. Acting quickly and following these easy steps will help control the situation until help arrives. Given that New Jersey and New York City are flood-prone zones, it’s essential to have a well-prepared plan for flood-related disasters.

Shut Off the Water

This may seem obvious, but sometimes it’s hard to discover where and what is causing the water to flood into your home. If you can isolate the leak to a broken pipe, shut off the valve to this immediate area. If you still aren’t sure where the water is coming from, you may need to take action and shut off the main water valve to your house or business.

Remove Excess Water

For small amounts of water and minimal flooding, it’s important to start mopping up the area as soon as you can. Using a mop, towels or a wet vac remove as much of the standing water as possible. Take care to wipe down any wooden surfaces that may have gotten wet. Remove as many items (such as decorations and small furniture) as possible. If you aren’t able to remove furniture, take a piece of foil and place it between the floor and furniture legs to prevent further damage.
If the water damage seems to be between floors it’s important to visually inspect any areas before starting to clean up. Keep out of rooms where ceilings are sagging and hold off on clean up until help arrives. Large and unmitigated floods can lead to more serious issues, such as mold and structural damage, in the long run if not professionally mitigated. We are ready to deploy our team to properly restore your property from water damage in New Jersey and New York (see service areas page).

Get Air Circulating

It’s important to get air circulating in the area that was affected by the flooding. If the electricity isn’t impacted and it’s safe to do so using fans or air conditioning in the summer to help maximize drying. Good airflow will help dry out your flooded home or office once the standing water is removed. Opening windows and doors can also help naturally dry out your property while you wait for the experts to arrive. Read more about what causes poor indoor air quality on our blog.

Once Help Arrives

It’s important to hire a professional water damage specialist to help you with your clean-up efforts. They are trained to take into account the humidity, temperature, sq footage, and moisture levels of the water-damaged space. They know the best way to handle your water damage situation regardless of the property being a residential home or a commercial business. FloodCo USA has the specialized equipment needed to quietly and efficiently dehumidify and move air. Our equipment dries out your house or office while keeping it livable.

As part of preventive measures, we highly recommend consulting with us about basement waterproofing to safeguard your property ahead of time. Basement waterproofing is your ultimate solution for maintaining a dry and healthy basement. Whether you’re facing dampness, water damage, or just want to protect against future moisture problems, you’re in the right place. Our specialized services include top-of-the-line French Drain installation and comprehensive sump pump solutions, crafted to effectively manage and prevent water intrusion in your basement. Don’t let water issues compromise the integrity of your home or business.

FloodCo USA is committed to assessing the damage to your property and providing you with the solutions. Our team is dedicated to making the best judgment calls when it comes to drying out vs ripping out. Depending on how long the structure has been wet and the cleanliness of the water will help determine which method is best to save you time, money and most of all saving you from the hassle of having a rebuild after water damage. Contact us today to learn more!

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