Mold Exposure Symptoms 

How do you Know you are experiencing mold exposure symptoms? 

Mold exposure symptoms can be hard to pin point. Just like mold can be hidden behind unreachable places like cabinets, molding, behind drywall etc. Unfortunately, hiring a professional mold testing company is the only way to know for sure that you have mold problem. That being said, there are many mold exposure symptoms that can be telltale signs that you have airborne mold spores in your house. 


Mold can make people seem crazy because not everyone feels affected by mold. Some people can’t live normal lives in the presence of it, while others are not affected at all. Furthermore, you don’t know how mold affects you until it affects you. Here are the most common mold exposure symptoms that will give a heads up that you might have a mold problem. 


Migraines and headaches are a very common symptom. If you have never had a migraine before and start to get them frequently (Ex. every month) it is a big red flag that your body is trying to recover. 


You might feel tired all the time or never have enough energy to carry out simple tasks. 

Itchy Eyes/ Throat 

You might itchy throat or feeling like there is a lump in your throat. Eyes constantly burning and having to itch them excessively. You can feel both of these symptoms within minutes of coming into contact with mold. 


When you combine all of these symptoms together life can become very difficult. Furthermore, living with these long term can make it seem like you have to put in twice the effort needed to get through a normal day, never mind getting the kids to school, making dinner etc. 

If you feel you are experiencing any of these symptoms lately, contact the mold removal and remediation experts at FloodCo USA! 

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