How We Save Water-Damaged Hardwood Floors

Nothing beats the timeless beauty of a hardwood floor. Not only do these classic flooring options look fantastic, they also add value to homes and businesses. Ask any real estate expert if a hardwood floor makes any difference in property’s appeal, and they’ll answer with a resounding “yes!”. Homes and businesses with hardwood floors typically do not remain on the market for very long.

As gorgeous as hardwood floors look when they’re properly cared for, they can be the biggest eyesore when they’re damaged. Scuffed and nicked hardwood floors lose a bit of their eye appeal. And when they’re severely water damaged? Forget about it! The only thing you can do with a buckled hardwood floor is rip it up and start again. Right? Wrong!

While that’s the method many specialists stand by, FloodCo USA is here to tell you that it’s the wrong choice. There’s a better solution than ripping and removing those cherished hardwood floors.

Let us tell you all about how we can save water- and flood-damaged hardwood floors from the dreaded rippers and replaces!

Put the Pry Bars Away

Instead of reaching for the pry bars, our hardwood floor experts take a more scientific approach to saving water-damaged hardwood floors.

First, they’ll arrive on the scene to assess the extent of the damage to the floor. They’ll not only physically inspect the water damaged floor, they’ll also consider many other factors to help them plan the best course of action. Using state-of-the-art equipment, the technicians will measure humidity, temperature, and moisture levels.

After conducting those tests and studying the results, they’ll use those measurements along with the square footage of the affected area to determine the best treatment plan for the damaged floor.

Don’t Remove the Floor – Remove the Moisture

After the assessment phase, it’s time for our technicians to start the water removal process. Unlike other water removal services, our trained, certified and experienced technicians use innovative equipment that draws moisture out of the water-damaged wood.

When properly monitored, calibrated and adjusted, this specialized equipment thoroughly removes the ruinous water from every plank and helps restore it to its original shape and state.

It’s Always Better to Dry and Restore

The myth of ripping and removing water-damaged hardwood floors is still sadly being endorsed by many water removal service providers. This is unfortunate because that concept does such a disservice to those affected by floods and other forms of water damage. However, FloodCo USA is committed to educating the public and informing them that there is a better way to address water removal and damage.

The time to leave the rip and remove mentality behind is here. Now, it’s time to dry and restore. FloodCo USA’s innovative, cutting-edge approach to drying, saving and restoring hardwood floors also extends into other areas of flood- and water-damaged properties. Drywall, ceilings and carpets can also be expertly dried, saved and restored. This is not only a more cost-effective solution for customers, it also allows them to continue to enjoy the many elements they enjoy most about their homes and businesses.

We hope that you never need to acquire our services for your home or business. If a flood emergency does affect your home or workplace, do not lose hope. Contact the experts at FloodCo USA to have your hardwood floor looking like it did before!

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