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Our Mold Remediation Process

After mold testing, the next step is to find the moisture source in the home or business. Thermal cameras and moisture meters are used to determine the wet areas. This will pinpoint where the mold is hiding.

FloodCo’s Mold removal process includes…

  • Installing containment barriers to isolate affected areas.

  • Creating negative air pressure in the contained area using HEPA filters.

  • Tearing out or treating the contaminated area depending on the severity.

  • Encapsulating the area using specialized mold coating.

  • Patching and painting if necessary.

After FloodCo removes all the mold, the mold inspector will return and perform a new mold test.

Once our mold inspector receives the results from the laboratory, we will then interpret and provide you with an analysis of the results.

This second test is used to ensure that the mold remediation is successful and you can breathe easy knowing your home or business is safe again.

Skilled technician performing mold remediation service, using protective gear and advanced equipment to ensure safe and effective removal

Mold Removal vs Mold Remediation

Mold removal is the physical removal of mold spores from objects in the building, while mold remediation is returning mold levels and air quality back to normal levels.

The terms are used commonly and interchangeably. However, achieving 100% clean mold remediation is impossible. There are normal levels of airborne, microscopic mold spores in both outdoor and indoor environments; it’s technically impossible to remove all mold in the atmosphere. The goal of mold remediation and/or removal is to achieve safe levels within your home or business.

Why Choose Us for Your NJ Mold Remediation?

FloodCo USA’s New Jersey has 30+ years in Mold Testing and Remediation. We also hold countless individual and company certifications that set us apart from other mold companies.

What Can We Handle?

We have the equipment to dry out any residential and commercial properties when mold is spotted. FloodCo USA has the mobility to respond to any New Jersey project within two hours of receiving the emergency call. Water Damage Restoration, Cleaning Services, and Mold Remediation are FloodCo USA’s expertise.

FloodCo USA’s air movers and dehumidifiers are of the cleanest and highest quality in New Jersey. Our equipment efficiently dries your house while keeping it livable. Moreover, we have temporary heat and generators to make your home a comfortable place if you experience a power loss. 

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Air Quality and Mold Prevention

Mold spores in the air can negatively impact indoor air quality and pose potential health risks. Our mold remediation services include air purification and dehumidification, removing excess moisture and airborne spores to prevent future mold growth. We also offer practical advice on mold prevention strategies and maintaining a healthy indoor environment.

Mold-Related Health Risks

Mold exposure can lead to various health issues, such as allergies, respiratory problems, and skin irritation. Our mold remediation services prioritize your well-being by addressing these risks and restoring a clean, mold-free environment in your home or business.

Certified and Experienced Mold Remediation Team

Our mold remediation team consists of certified and experienced professionals trained to handle mold safely and efficiently. We continually update our knowledge and skills to provide you with the most effective and reliable mold remediation solutions.

Timely and Efficient Mold Remediation Process

We understand the urgency of addressing mold problems and are committed to providing timely and efficient mold remediation services. Our team works diligently to complete the remediation process with minimal disruption to your daily life, ensuring your property is restored to a safe and healthy condition as quickly as possible.

Mold Removal FAQ: Answers to Your Common Questions & Concerns

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